Monday, June 04, 2007


I keep forgetting to post this. I started a new blog. A recipe blog. I've decided that though I don't really *love* to cook, I do in fact have a lot of good recipes and this is actually my way of keeping them preserved permanently. And a good way to share them too. So, if you're interested, check it out. There's a link in the right side-bar.

Also, I'm officially claiming this as MY blog and kicking John off. He never posts much anyway, so he won't mind. My techy friend said she'd help me try to customize my blog a little more this stay tuned.


John said...

Kicked off, huh? Thanks. I guess you'll just have to put a link in to my blog...surely you won't mind.

Anonymous said...

Yes, put a link to John's blog!

I've just caught up with the Blase family after more than a week away from Arkadelphia. Peter and I were almost in your "neck of the woods" Pagosa Springs with side trips to Mesa Verde, Silverton (on the train), and Creede via Wolf Creek Pass. We went to Amarillo first, where my oldest grandchild, Tyler, graduated from Randall High School. From there we went to Santa Fe....It seems to have changed too much for me in the last twenty-five years! Still a great place, but just not like it was. We stopped by the Great Sand Dunes on the way home, then over Raton Pass and down to Wylie, TX to see my youngest grandchild, Molly (7 weeks). I tried to get her to come home to Arkadelphia with me, but she has such a good deal where she is, she didn't want to leave it!