Thursday, June 14, 2007

One is silver and the other gold

Years and years ago when I was a Brownie scout, I learned this sweet song:

Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver and the other gold.

I've taught it to my kids too, and I find myself singing it to them from time to time.

Anyway, it's been on my mind again this week. Yesterday afternoon I was driving Sarah and her friend home from their book club. They've been going to an American Girl doll book club together since January and it is just the cutest little group of girls you've ever seen. So I'm watching them in my rear-view mirror and they're back there talking and laughing and giggling and whispering together and my heart just welled up with gratitude for this friend that God has given to Sarah. Sarah had some sweet, sweet friends back in Arkansas, but she's the one who's probably struggled the most since we've lived here to find that one good friend. Our prayers were more than answered when this friend's family joined our church almost a year ago.

What makes this friend of Sarah's even better is that she has a sister Abbey's age. And this sister is Abbey's dear friend. She's got red hair like Abbey (though she prefers us to call it copper instead of red) and they are so sweet together that you just wanna eat them up! I am so thankful.

And even better than sisters being friends with sisters is that our families are friends. Both of our families have lots in common and we just love getting together with them. John and S have been running together some on Saturday mornings, and I had coffee with the mom last night. They're from the South and would you believe that they even have a connection to the small town where John's parents live in Arkansas? So crazy how we figured that one out!!

Back in November, Will's best buddy moved to Kentucky. Will was pretty sad for awhile, and we prayed like crazy for a good friend for him. And again, God abundantly answered that for us. He befriended a great kid who was new this year, and let me tell ya, those two are thick. I had the same experience watching them last week as I did yesterday in the van watching Sarah and her friend. Overwhelmed with gratitude. And I love this kid's mom too! She's a University of Arkansas alum and I'm trying to talk her into going to a ball game in Fayetteville with me this fall. I think it'd be fun to take our boys too. She's thinking about it but I think she wants to go as much as I do! All these Arkansas connections!

Friends are such a rich part of our lives and we're extremely grateful for the ones that God has given us. It really is a blessing...especially since we live so far from our families. I'm thankful that each of my children has at least one good friend and while I pray they'll contine to make new friends, these relationships are golden.

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