Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The kids are doing some swim lessons this week. A guy we go to church with is a collegiate swim coach and I casually asked him one day if he'd be interested in giving some private lessons. He called Sunday afternoon saying he had some time this week so we decided to give it a go. Yesterday was lesson #1. Will is a fish, Sarah is so very tentative, and Abbey did very well considering she's never had a single lesson. It was an indoor pool and though heated, it was still a bit cool. The girls lips were kinda blue when they got out of the water. They got a warm shower and changed into dry clothes and asked me if they could go to Sonic for a slush. Coming from their lips of blue, I couldn't say yes to their request, so we agreed on Starbucks instead. I'm such the indulgent mother.

So I finished reading Plainsong by Kent Haruf. It is one of John's favorite books and he didn't steer me wrong. I loved it. Now I'm reading A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel. It's great as well. It's an autobiography of a girl growing up in a very small town in Indiana. A true story and it's very humorous. The girl can write too! So, if you're searching for a summer read, I recommend it! My kids are plowing through the books as well. I couldn't resist snapping this picture this morning. It's not an uncommon sight around here.

Oooh, I bought a new toy this weekend from my sweet friend, "S". She sold me her Trail-a-Bike. It's a contraption that hooks onto my bicycle that allows my 5-year old to pedal along behind me. It looks like a regular bike with handle bars, and pedals, but only has a back wheel. Abbey loves it. Now we can all ride bikes together this summer, without the whole training wheels hassle. We've taken it out for a couple of rides and let me just tell you it might be the death of me. Going uphill with Abbey in tow makes my quads feel like they are on FIRE! I normally love to tackle the hills because I think it gives my workout a boost, but the other night I was zigzaging all over the place trying like mad to avoid any incline. Should be an interesting summer. I just might end up the poster child for quads of steel.

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