Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday musings

I just don't think I'll ever be fond of Monday mornings. After spending the entire weekend together as a family, it just seems so wrong on Mondays for John to have to leave us. I know he has to work so we can eat and all, but we're all bluer than blue around here this morning.

We did have a great weekend though. Very relaxing--the way weekends are supposed to be. John preached yesterday at our church, and Will asked why he had to "work" on Father's Day. Preaching isn't really work to J. He enjoys it and he usually says yes whenever he is asked. He did a wonderful job. I just checked and didn't see his sermon posted on our church website. I don't know if it even got recorded this time. The guy who does all of that (aka our pastor) is still on vacation. I'll let you know if/when it's available. Anyway, our friend, K, drove down to go to church with us, and then we took John out for some Mexican food. He even got to take an afternoon nap, and I think he'd tell you he had a very good day.

John and I took the kids to see Nancy Drew on Friday afternoon. It was great! The chase scene at the end was a little intense for the girls, but other than that it was very clean and that Nancy Drew in her knee socks and penny loafers is just a great role model for young girls. She's quite the techy detective too with her ipod, ibook, and google searches. Definitely not the Nancy Drew I grew up with! Even Focus on the Family gave it a fairly positive review...and that may be a small miracle in itself. It's fair to say that I'm not the biggest fan of Jim Dobson. But again, that's another story for another post. How easily I digress.

Tonight I am going to a place called Supper Solutions and I am so very excited about it. It is one of those meal prep places where you pre-select entrees from a monthly menu, go to Supper Solutions and assemble your entrees (ingredients are already prepped for you!) in freezer containers, then take home and freeze. After tonight, I'll have 13 gourmet meals in the freezer that I can thaw, cook, and enjoy savor. It's a little pricey, but I think is so totally worth it. Here is a sampling of some of the meals I'm making tonight (be prepared to salivate): Black 'n Bleu Burgers, Santa Fe Steak Tortillas, Four Cheese Chicken, Spinach and Artichoke Calzones, Mojo Cuban Pork, Mango Curry Chicken, and that is only 6 of my deliciously enticing 13. I am so excited. I already told John I need to find a way to fit this into our monthly grocery budget.

Oh, and I should probably mention that the circus is in town this week. Yesterday as we were driving to church, we saw the circus train. Did you know there really was such a thing? Will thought that was just part of his beloved, and long outgrown, Thomas the Train set, but yes indeed there is really a circus train. We had to go under the railroad bridge and the Ringling Bros cars were right over our heads. The kids loved it and ooohed and ahhed over it and asked nicely begged to go that very afternoon. Not 3 seconds later, Abbey said, "By the way, what is the circus anyway?" I was tempted to explain that we live in a circus everyday, but figured that'd be lost on her. Her brother and sister jumped in and explained it all for me. And we decided that since it was Father's Day and all, we'd respect our father and not make him sit through hours of amusing antics and amazing feats. He sees enough of that at home!

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