Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Momma, what is Bible school?

We were driving to pick up her brother and sister from Vacation Bible School yesterday and Abbey asked this question: "Momma, what is Bible school?"

Okay...that was a little bit of a wake-up call. I know she's only five, and it's probably more indicative of our denominational shift, but I don't doubt that if we were still living in the Southern Bible Belt, that question would not even be voiced because the kid would have several VBS experiences under her 5-year-old-belt. John and I were talking about that over dinner (and I did in fact cook dinner last night, thank you very much) and it has been several years since W and S have attended one. Like 4 summers ago in Arkansas. They're loving this week and came home singin' a lot of new songs, complete with hand motions. Sarah especially just eats that stuff up.

John and I took our own little trip down memory lane and sang from memory ALL the VBS theme songs we could think of (and it was a LOT) from our years in ministry. That Lifeway gang just drills it in ya. Our favorites?? The Good News Stampede and Amazon Outfitters (on expedition with the One True God...are you singing along with me now?)

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