Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Text alone is just too boring for me!

How about some photos?

Sarah is my little domestic goddess these days. She begs me to teach her how to do laundry and mop the floor and wash dishes and cook. I happily oblige her, but not with pure motives. I dream of the day that I can pass the torch mop to her permanently. She's learned how to sort the laundry this summer and though all my kiddos help me fold and put away, Sarah is the cheerful and stick-with-it kid. Every Monday when I let them choose their chores for the week, Sarah chooses "before dinner duty" and "after dinner duty" and that girl is becoming a whiz at meal prep and loading the dishwasher. I couldn't be more proud of her. So yesterday she kept asking if she could cook something. And of course I said yes. She perused her American Girl cookbook and decided she wanted to make deviled eggs. So we made 'em and they were most delicious. She and Will ate 10 eggs between them and her big brother gave her some high praise. He even told her they were better than Mimi's deviled eggs. Let me tell you that girl of mine was beaming! I wonder what she'll want to cook for us today.

Oh I so totally enjoyed myself last night at Supper Solutions. I came home with my meals and had to work to rearrange and stuff them into the freezer. I don't think my freezer has ever been so full! It's a lovely thing really. See for yourself!

And just for fun, check out my cute new summer purse. I was hesitant about the orange, but now I'm glad I chose this one. Black is so overrated.

Okay, and one more from the last day of VBS...I tried to get a good one with Pikes Peak in the background, but it was kinda hazy. You can still see it through the clouds if you try!

One morning back in April, while my three were still enrolled in school/preschool and time alone was a reality, I came home and parked in front of the mac for about three hours, surfing the web. I had read some article in TIME about pastor's wives (which I didn't really care for, and still don't know why all that pastor's wife stuff still interests me!) and there were some links to a couple of pastor's wives' websites. And as I surfed, I discovered some pastor's wives' blogs. And on their blogs, there were links to more blogs, and on those blogs, there were links to even more blogs (and not all are minister's wives!). So being free that day to click to my heart's delight, I kept chasing those blog trails. And I found a few that I love to read regularly. And those girls have given their permission for me to share them with you. There is something truly fascinating about other people's lives, huh? So when you need to laugh (and you will laugh, believe me) you can check out Big Mama and Boomama and In the Midst of It. There are links in my sidebar too...and hopefully more to come!

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