Sunday, January 20, 2008

A date with the boy...

Sometime last year, my 10-year-old son decided he loved football. After years of watching (and loving) football by myself, Will's decision to watch (and love) the game was a pleasant surprise. One that made me very, very happy!

You should know that Will's teacher is from Wisconsin and is a HUGE Packers fan. Every time the Packers win, she rewards the class with a special treat, usually of the sugary variety. At first, I thought maybe his new-found love of football was so that he could intelligently discuss the game on Monday with his teacher and friends, but nope, he's genuinely interested in it! I LOVE that!!

Last Sunday, we were both excited about the playoff games and we made a "date" to come home from church and watch the Colts/Chargers, and then the Cowboys/Giants together. Will decided that we needed some "junk" food to enhance our viewing pleasure, so the two of us made a quick trip to the grocery store and loaded up on chips, soda, and beef jerky (his fave!) then came home and sat together in the recliner and watched some football. We both nearly cried when the Colts lost, and one of us nearly cried later when the Cowboys lost.

We've been looking forward all week to the AFC and NFC Championship games, and last night we made plans to have another football date this afternoon. We made a repeat trip to the store to load up on junk food, and came home and have been watching football non-stop. The girls are off having fashion shows with their American Girl dolls, and John has been reading manuscripts in between judging the fashion shows. But Will and I have been cozied up in the recliner, by the nice warm fire, enjoying the last few games of the season! I love sharing moments like this with my son! I love getting to explain some of the game to him, I love seeing him get excited when his team runs the ball toward the end zone, and seeing him get upset when they fumble or throw an interception. I LOVE this game, and hope that Will and I will have many more afternoons like this in our future!


Gretchen said...

Sweet picture, and sweet times, Mer. My kids both like to have their own sleep over with me when Daddy's gone. I know these days are so fleeting. It's so fun to watch them sleep. They look like babies again. xxxooogretchen

P.S. We're sad for Seattle, but are hoping Green Bay wins. ;)

Julie said...

You are SUCH a good mom.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Yeah yeah yeah....but are you teaching him to root for the Razorbacks?! Woooooo....Pig....SOOIE!!! ;o)

It's official - the Patriots and the Giants. Phooey!

Y'all have a great new week, Mer.

Love and hugs,


Stephanie Kay said...

What sweet times with your son. And, GO PATS!

Jenn said...

I loved reading this post - what a fun thing for you both to share. What special memories for you both.

We were pulling for the Packers today! As a Cowboy fan, we were so sad to be one and done, but I guess we have no choice but to root for the Giants in the Super Bowl.

*carrie* said...

So sweet!

If Nathan somehow =) ends up liking football, I would sacrifice to have this time with him. But I draw the line at eating beef jerky!

Ms. Kathleen said...

We are big football and basketball fans here as well and it is so much more to to watch my own kids play than to watch college or the pros. I know that is hard to believe but coming from Nebraska - Big Red Fans - both boys suited up in full pads and everything by the time they were in the 3rd grade.

My eldest son is now 21 and an actor and doesn't care much for sports anymore, except soccer but my youngest who is 16 is simply a "super jock". His favorite sport has switched to basketball in recent years but football is still a natural part of our lives and he of course plays high school ball.

Enjoy your time with your son...It flies by very, very quickly!

Meredith said...

What an inspiration for me! I love that you and your son have started such a fun tradition.

Barb said...

Beef jerky is my one of my favorites too, Mer. He has good taste. And boy, he's the spitting image of you.

You just described the perfect mother-son day. What memories you're making.