Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hmmm...I wonder

Just a few minutes ago, I sat down on my bed to check my email. Our sweet 5-year old walked into my bedroom, then into my bathroom and started brushing her hair and primping in the mirror. She looked up at me after a few minutes and asked, "Mom, do princesses fart?"

I really tried not to laugh, but how can you NOT laugh at that?

I did what any smart mom would do and answered her question with another question. "Hmmm, sweetie, what do you think?"

And she just grinned back at me.


Anonymous said...

LOL - what a cutie pie.

Jennifer (Sharp Baker)

Stephanie Kay said...

ROFL!!! I nearly spit all over my screen!

Jen said...

That is hilarious!!

Trish said...

ROFL! Oh dear ~ I can't WAIT to meet Abbey!!

Gretchen said...

Well, they smile a lot, so my guess is that they do. :)

What a cutie.

Julie said...

I remember when Lydia (now 10) was about 3-4 years old. She said to us in the car one day, "Can I say, I farted". We said, "No, that's not ladylike". She said, "well then can I say, I cracked one off?" : )

Oh what older brothers will teach you.


Jenn said...

That caught me off guard - too funny!!!

Meredith said...

SO Funny!!

Angie said...

I told my family about this last night at the dinner table and they just about died laughing. Abbey sounds like a funny little stinker.

Jennifer said...

So funny! My daughter says pooted! It's so funny to hear her say it. :o)

BTW, I just tagged you. :o)

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Hope you can play along...........thanks,

Jennifer said...
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