Friday, January 18, 2008

More Q & A...are you tired of this yet??

Interesingly, these are hiking related questions!

Lindsay asks...

How/where do you find the get up and go for hikes in 20 degree weather? Okay…two things here. One, I don’t hike alone. I usually go with 2-3 friends, and if I ever decided to stay inside by my nice, warm fire, they would alternately call my home and cell phone until I answered, or come and drag me out my front door. They don’t let me off the hook easily, cause we're all in this together!

And two, if it is 20 degrees outside AND the sun is shining, it rarely feels that cold. The lack of humidity helps too. A damp 20 degrees is way more miserable than a dry, sunny 20 degrees. So yeah, 20 degrees is cold, but not unbearable.

It was -5 when I took the kids to school yesterday morning, and it's 10 degrees (and cloudy) right now. Definitely too cold for a hike! I'm sitting by my nice warm fire instead!

Leahbelle wants to know...

How long will the Pikes Peak hike take? will you have to camp overnight on your way? Well, there are several routes to the summit of Pikes Peak, and my little posse has decided to hike Barr Trail. It’s a 13 mile trail with a 7,000 ft elevation gain, and will probably take anywhere from 6-8 hours. Halfway up the trail is Barr Camp, where hikers can lodge and re-fuel. We'll re-fuel, but not camp. Our goal is to climb it in one day.


*carrie* said...


I wish for the "cold" of Colorado here. The winters here are bone-chilling, and it doesn't help that there are no snow-capped peaks to gaze at!

Gretchen said...

I'm excited for your hike! Will you go in July? If I remember correctly, that seems to be the warmest month, but not sure if that's the case for Pikes Peak.

So good that you have a group of friends to hike with: fitness, friendship, and fabulous scenery. I'm sure your spirits are renewed after each time.

Have a great weekend! xxxooogretchen

Barb said...

You're so right about the difference the lack of humidity makes. A hundred degrees in southeast Texas was unbearable. The same temperature here is hot, but not nearly as bad. At least you can still breathe.

Thirteen miles one way, so you're doing 26 miles in a day? Just thinking about that makes my fingers inch toward the phone to call 911. I can't wait to hear all about THAT hike!

And no, I'm not getting tired of this yet. It's the most fun I've had in ages and apparently a lot of other people thinks so too since just about everyone has jumped on your great idea. :-)

Ms. Kathleen said...

This is my first visit. I live a little over a mile high in the Black Hills and today it is a cool 9* outside. It is gorgeous here as well. I haven't done any mountain climbing though but I love to hike around my home (I live 15 miles from the nearest town).

Thanks for a wonderful visit. God Bless!

Truth said...

I just found your blog today (I think through His Girls blog.) I love that you have your recipes on your blog. I just recently began putting mine up too.

I'm also in Colorado, love the snow and being outdoors. Look forward to getting to know you better.

Holly said...

Do you carry oxygen?? fainting couch perhaps? :) hee hee!

Enjoy the snowy Saturday!

Karla Porter Archer said...

Oh, Meredith! I am so behind in my reading this week and I've missed everyone's Q&A (you started a TREND, girl! - you, Barb, Bev, Beck...)

I' enjoying reading these and getting to know you better.

I have to tell you a funny Pike's Peak story (I plan on blogging it one day.) When I was in college, I took a trip to Colorado Springs with some friends. We hiked Pike's Peak - which was amazing. We camped overnight along the trail (we started late, and had planned for camping). I had never hiked that hard IN MY LIFE!

Anyway, I think the altitude got to me because on the way down, I was real tired and quiet and thinking all sorts of things over in my head. After a long long long time of quiet and watching a thunderstorm way out in the distance, I blurted out "Do you think there was lightning before there was electricity?"

Everyone was very quiet and I felt all smug, like I had stumped them...

It must have been the altitude...


Jennifer said...

I can only imagine the beauty you see when you hike! Incredible! We are hoping to go to Colorado and Montana this summer. My SIL lives up near the Canadian border and we are so excited about going to both states!

Jenn said...

How great that you have your friends to hike with and to get you out of your warm house!

I am looking forward to the post of your hike to the summit. I can not wait to see the views - take lots of pictures!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Oh my word. My whole entire family - since my mom's family is all from the Springs - would go up the peak every summer and I never, ever had the urge to go. Still don't. But I'll happily, happily cheer you on!

Leah Belle said...

Wish I could go with you! But my VERY low altitude living would require lots of training beforehand! :)