Friday, January 04, 2008

so much to say about nothing much at all

We got back a little while ago from a trip to Target. SuperTarget, actually. The kids still had gift card $$ they were dying to spend (saving isn't really in their vocabulary) and since we haven't been out of the house since New Years' Eve, I thought it might be nice to get out and do something. Target doesn't rank high on my list of things to do (I do not, not, not like to shop), but it ended up being fun. Did I just say that shopping with all three of my children was fun? Oh my. Well, anyway, Target had all their Christmas stuff marked 90% off, and I picked up some bows and boxes for a grand total of .40 My biggest score of the day was a 2pk of flannel pajama pants for Abbey. Originally 14.99 marked down to 1.49. Ummm...I believe we can call that a bargain. And if your children find themselves in need of shoes, you really need to make haste. Huge markdowns in the shoe department! Sarah got a cute pair for 2.48, and Abbey found some for a dollar more. So cute. And they were even willing to spend their own money. Nice.

It was such a nice morning to get out and about because the weather here today is lovely. We're pushing 50 degrees, and believe me, after a long stretch of 20s/30s, 50 feels almost tropical. The snow pack that has made our neighborhood streets the equivalent of an ice rink is finally melting, and I actually saw pavement today for the first time since before Christmas. Woohoo! Believe me, the kids and Jack are going to be spending some time outside this afternoon!! Even if it means I'll have to mop up the muddy mess they'll bring inside with them!

Guess what? I have 2 (maybe 3) friends that want to climb Pikes Peak with me! One of them has already collected some training info and mapped out a few hikes for us to do in preparation. F-U-N! I am so excited about this. I'm going to meet them for dinner tonight, and I'm guessing it will come up in conversation. Friday nights are usually Family Night for us, but since my kids are home until next Tuesday, and since we've had family night almost every night of Christmas break, I think a Mom's Night Out is in order. I can't wait. So excited too to get to see "J", one of my best friends from high school this weekend. She's in Denver for a few days, and I'm hoping to catch up with her over coffee or a meal!

Is anyone else still getting Christmas cards in the mail besides me? I LOVE it. We've gotten several this week, and I think it is so fun going to the mailbox this time of year. I love hearing from friends...near and far...and have loved re-connecting this year with some college friends, high school friends, and some former church friends. I can't bear to throw away all of the photos and cards we get, but we get so many that there is no way I can include them all in a scrapbook without quickly amassing a stack of Christmas scrapbooks. Any ideas on what to do with them? I read on another blog that some people put them in a bowl/basket and choose one each night at dinner and talk about how they know the sender, then pray for that person/family. I like that idea, though we'd have to choose 2/3 each night if we want to finish before Valentines Day! Any other great ideas out there? Or do you just throw them away???

See. Much to say about nothing much at all. Lucky for you, I have to quit rambling and go get lunch ready for my crew. Enjoy the weekend!

Oh yeah...we found our 50th state license plate today--the obscure Rhode Island. We started hunting them this summer when John's brother was out visiting, and we've been on the lookout for the last handful for a few months. My kids were so excited to find Rhode Island, and I'm so glad I can finally throw the list-that's-been-in-my-purse-since-July away!


Susan said...

Oh you will have a blast climbing Pikes Peak. I had a group of friends that did it with me before I married and moved to Germany. Cannot wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys have enjoyed the holidays and time at home! The idea about praying for the card sender is great. I hate throwing cards in the trash so I cut off the back and keep the pictures. I give them to E to draw on now but you could let your kids send postcards to friends or family or use the pictures for craft/collage projects.

Climbing Pikes Peak is an awesome goal. I'll admit I'm a little jealous b/c it sounds like fun. I need some kind fun, challenging goal to ge me motivated. Good Luck!

*carrie* said...


I haven't read your posts yet, but hope to this weekend. We just got back last night from MI, and I am way behind on everything. Your card is just gorgeous--such a beauitful family. I am touched that you thought of me!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait to visit Colorado! I've wanted to go for years and it looks like we may make it this summer! Yeah!

For the cards, you can take off the backs and send the fronts to school with the kids. When I used to teach I would love these because they could be given to the kids for writing topics, drawing activities, etc. We would even take them and have kids make place mats and laminate them! The kids loved doing that.

For the pics and letters, I have a memory box that I got from Hallmark a few years back and I keep all the pics/letters in there. It's fun to go back and see how the kids have all grown up. I also love your idea about praying about them as well.

Have a great weekend!

Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

Well, I am now caught on your blog. Yeah!

Loved reading your newsy post from today.
This is the 2nd blog I have read praising the sale at Target! I need to go and find me some bargains.
Congrats on finding people to climb Pikes Peak with ya! I look forward to reading about your training and your journey toward reaching your goal!

Enjoy your Mom's Night out! :o)

His Girl said...

fun post!

I keep all my christmas cards with photos and letters with my christmas stuff. I love looking through the box while the kids are decorating the tree or while we sit by the fire. Great memories... always neat to remember old friends & young children. Amazing to me how much they grow up from year to year!

Gretchen said...

Hmmmm...I don't have any clever ideas about the cards and letters. I tend to be a clutterbug despite my best efforts, so I don't think I'd be much help in that department. I, too, love the idea of praying over each family.

As I write this, I imagine you on your MNO. Good for you! I was due for one tonight, but she cancelled because of sick kids and not feeling so hot, herself. That's okay--at least I'm trying to get them on the schedule.

Re: Target. It's waaaay to accessible for me. I sometimes think I should just pre-pay a set amount each month to avoid the lines on my too frequent forays into all that is Target goodness. :)

Congrats on the RI license plate! What a fun activity.

Trish said...

Ugh, shopping. I'm with you on that one. It's nice that you and the kids were able to have fun while shopping though ~ and you got some serious bargains!

I'm still available to meet you at the top of Pikes Peak. :)And I'm totally jealous that you crossed Rhode Island off your license plate list ~ that's definitely one you don't see very often. We're planning to start a new plate list when we head out to Colorado ~ do you think you could ask the Rhode Island people to make an appearance while we're there? LOL


Anonymous said...

The obscure Rhode Island! I love it! It's so true, though, that some states seem obscure (depending on where you live). My hasband and I started our license plate game in August of 2006, on a trip from Michigan to Ithaca, NY (and back), so a great deal of the trip was in Canada. But we got 32 states on that trip alone, including what I thought would have been the elusive Alaska and Hawaii. Probably helped that we stopped in Niagara Falls, but still!
I've enjoyed your blog.
Best wishes,

Stephanie Kay said...

Obscure RI?! I see them all the time! = ) Would that be the blueish wave plate or the older sailboat plate that you saw? = )

Kecia said...

OH, I wish we had a Target. Sigh. But since I'm your opposite, and shopping is my drug of choice, God must be protecting me from myself.
I did go to Shreveport the other day and got 2 1/2 outfits for my long tall 9 year old for $40 total, that FIT. It felt good.
I make ABC scrapbooks for my girls with Christmas cards. A is for angels, B is for bells/bows/Bethlehem, whatever you have a lot of. It's fun and you have an excuse to save for years so you have enough. It's almost time to make Rebecca's.
And I loved John's post.

Julie said...

Hey, Thanks for popping in on my blog and reading.
I am REALLY loving the book "Sex God". It is really, really good. I started reading it by myself and then read a chapter to David and now he is asking me to read it with him. Our friends (also pastor & wife) just finished reading it and they passed it on to us.

I think you will like it! And we are loving reading "The Shack". It really gives a different picture of God. Are you reading it?

Thanks for the compliments about my blog.
It is still not how I wanted it, but I can't figure out how to fix the header like I want it. I wish I understood more about "blog world".


Kelly said...

Sounds like you got some great bargains! I love Target clearance!

Girl Raised in the South said...

My husband climbed Long's Peak years ago - something I'm happy to say I didn't accompany him on. Opposites definitely attracted - I'd rather be inside with a book. I've been on Pikes Peak, and it's gorgeous - I prefer riding up in a car, but admire your spunk.