Monday, January 28, 2008

Does this happen to you too?

I'm not a fan of Wal*mart. In fact, I can barely stand the place, but I've found that Wal*mart is a necessary evil when you're feeding a family of five...on a budget. They really do have the lowest prices.

I made my bi-weekly grocery shopping trip last Saturday. I try so hard to never have to go there on a Saturday, but last week was one of those weeks where there weren't enough hours in each day to get done all that I needed to get done. A trip to the store could not be neglected any longer though, so I went on Saturday while Abbey was at a birthday party. I went to a different Wal*mart than I normally shop and I was in there for all of about 3 minutes before I felt my blood pressure start rising. It's an older store, is not very clean, has narrow aisles, and about 300% more shoppers than the Wal*mart in my town. I called John and said groceries would have to wait because I couldn't stay in that store another minute. I did stay for a little while longer and bought the items on my list that I couldn't make it through the weekend without, then headed across the street to Sonic (1/2 price vanilla Dr. Pepper) and Borders Books to calm myself down. Thank goodness for Sonic and bookstores.

I made a trip to my local, spotlessly clean, wide-aisled and never crowded (I'm not joking) Walmart after my hike this morning and finished up my shopping. I even had time to come home and put the groceries away before picking Abbey up from school. Much better. Much, much better.

Or so I thought. I just started getting dinner ready a few minutes ago and realized that I couldn't find the head of garlic that I bought. Now, normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but John has accidentally tossed the last 2 I've bought into the trashcan while cleaning up behind me and I was determined to safeguard this one and make it last for more than one meal. I searched and searched for that garlic. Looked in the pantry, looked on every shelf and every drawer in the fridge, went outside and looked in the van. Even got the plastic bags out of the recycle bin and looked through them to make sure I didn't accidentally throw it away. Nope. It was nowhere to be found. I just figured it got left at the store this morning, and decided I could live without my .35 garlic until I need to return to the store for fruit and veggies next week. All was good until I started looking for the cilantro to chop for our enchiladas. Couldn't find that either. What I did find was the receipt...and I'm not only missing garlic and cilantro, but also bananas, cream cheese, carrots, tortillas and 2 packages of hoagie rolls. Arggghhhh!

This happens to me about 1 out of every 5 trips I make to Wal*mart. I somehow manage to make it home without all my groceries. Does this happen to you too? I hate getting home and realizing I'm missing stuff. They always replace it for me when I return, but frankly, I don't always remember to bring my receipt with me, and then I end up paying for those items again. It frustrates me so much. Especially because I don't really have time tomorrow to go and retrieve those items. And I don't have time on Wednesday either. Argghhh.

Just another reason I think Wal*mart is evil. I'm thinking of changing their slogan for them from "Always Low Prices" to "Always Bad Mood" because that's how I start to feel when I think about going to that place.

John would be fine for me to ditch it altogether and shop at our local chain grocery store. I do sometimes, but I usually save $50-70 by shopping at Walmart. And that is significant enough to keep me in bondage. I guess.

*Update--After I finished typing this I shredded the chicken (cooked without garlic) and prepared the filling for enchiladas before I realized that I needed the tortillas that were in the bag that I didn't bring home from Wal*mart. So...I'm heading BACK to the store in a little while to pick up the things I left there (plus some Ty*lenol for the huge headache I now have). Enchiladas are on the menu for tomorrow night, and my kids love me so much right now because I let them have a box of mac and cheese for dinner.


Julie said...

I used to love Wal-Mart and that I could get so many things for my large family (5 kids) at such good prices.

But it takes everything in me to go shopping there now. I still go because the prices are so good....

What I hate about Wal-Mart is that they have 15-20 registers and only TWO WILL BE OPEN. It drives me insane! It takes 20 minutes to check out..(I go shopping Bi-monthly too) and while I am waiting to get done, my frozen food is thawing up.

It drives me insane!!!

I hear you! But I still shop there...after all you are right I save $50 + when shopping.


Stephanie Kay said...

I love going to Wal*Mart in the evenings after supper (without my kids). Hardly anyone is there so crowds are rarely an issue.

I live in fear that I'll forget a bag on their spinner things so I'm always checking it before I leave. It is frustating when it happens.

Jennifer said...

I totally agree with you. I go to Walmart but prefer to go to our local 'chain' grocery store. I actually end up doing better at that store when they have their sales (BOGO free, etc.).

I have forgotten stuff too. But one thing that I do is to call the store and tell them and get a name. That way they know and I can get my items that I've paid for anyway.

Plus I always twirl that bag holder till I know all of the bags are in my cart. The cashier (one of the two that are working--LOL)always looks at me funny but I don't care. LOL

Amy said...

I'm with all of you on the bag "spinner" and the cashier always looks at me funny too. Because I usually have my kids with me (and they're ready to be leaving since I only grocery shop 1x/month!!!!) I generally ask the cashier to also check that I've gotten all my bags. For some reason, they never want to help so I get to spin it myself. Sorry for your rough trip...

Anonymous said...

Awww...I'm sorry friend!

YoMJ said...

Actually I love Walmart,not because it is cheapest, we have another store for that, but because you can meet everyone in town. Judea would not let me get a cart when we went together, cause she knew I was going to shop a little and talk a lot.


Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

I think I know which walmart your talking about. Is it on Academy?? Just last week I forgot a bag and it made me so mad - it was freezing cold and I had to cart all 3 kids back in the freezing cold the next day. We're all there with you sister!

Jenn said...

First let's talk about something positive - Vanilla Dr.Pepper from Sonic!!! That was my drink of choice in college - I have not had one in years. Loved 'um!! I think I will have one tomorrow in honor of you because of your bad day. :o)

I am not a fan of Wally World for so many reasons! I have left so many bags on the spinner thingy and it is usually something I would need that day. But until recently we would continue to go there because it was so much cheaper. We spend a little more at Tar*get, but we are so much happier.

Hint: In Texas if you go to the store around 8 or 9 in the morning the shelves are stocked and the store is not crowded at all.

Gretchen said...

Okay...2 comments...

1. I had a loverly Super Walmart in Castle Rock, and it ruined me for the one here. It's like going to a 3rd world country, and just when I thought things were better and we were getting automated checkouts, they were removed.

2. We call it Wal-He!!

And that's all i have to say about that. ;) xxxooogretchen

leigh said...

I hate walmart and avoid it at all costs.
Most of the time all of my bags make it home, but if my husband unloads the car they don't always all make it inside. Argggh!

Kecia said...

I hate finding I forgot a bag! It never happened before they got the spinner things. Boo spinners.
But with all Magnolia doesn't have, I'm glad at least we have Wally World.

Anonymous said...

You are right Walmart is just evil. Just say no Meredith!
Have you ever tried Grocery Game? It is a little OCD but you save a ton of money on groceries without going to the evil empire of Walmart.

Leah Belle said...

I have to be the dissenting comment here!

I LOVE Walmart! I go there all the time. We have a nice big, clean one and the savings are well worth the trip! I take my kids (usually in the morning or early afternoon)and rarely have any trouble. There's nothing like one-stop economical shopping.

I have a friend who avoids Wal-mart, but when we go there together, I can tell her where everything is.....she looks at me like I'm crazy! She says I spend way too much time there!