Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Answers for you...

I love all the questions you guys have asked! Wow! I can't answer them all in one post, but here's a start. I'll answer them in as many posts as it takes...so stay tuned.

Here goes...

Gretchen asked

When did you first know Jesus/become saved?

Well, I grew up in a Christian home, so for as long as I can remember I knew about Jesus—knew who He was, and that He loved me and died for my sins. My parents were/are Catholic believers though, so being “saved” or asking Jesus into my heart was not the lingo in my home. During my 6th/7th grade years, I got really involved with a youth group at my best friend’s (Baptist) church. I went to a Centrifuge camp with her group one summer, and during one of the nightly invitations, she grabbed my hand and led me to the front where I made a decision to trust Christ. For years I was really haunted by that experience because it didn’t seem to be my own. It felt like I was prompted, not only by my friend, but by a healthy fear of hell.

Fast forward several years to a church revival service in Fort Worth, Texas. My husband was a seminary student and I knew that one day I would be a pastor's wife, but I doubted that camp experience so much that I didn’t even know if I had really ever trusted Jesus as my Savior. So, I did one night during that revival service. I confessed my fears to those around me, believed Jesus died on the cross for MY sins, and accepted His forgiveness, and began to really walk with Him.

Since moving to Colorado four years ago, walking with Jesus has become something more than I ever imagined. This season has been one of the hardest of our lives, but it has also opened up a spaciousness of faith for me. I'd say that my faith these days is characterized by a lot less striving and a lot more rest, and of just letting Him love me.

When or How do you connect with Jesus best? Is it through singing, hiking, prayer time?

Definitely through nature. I am so awed by the beauty of the mountains and lakes and trees and skies. By the colors and textures and sounds. I immediately feel calm and stilled and clear-headed enough to hear His voice. So…yeah, just being outside or hiking. It doesn’t take much for me to get in a “zone”.

Bonus question: Desert Island movie (assuming there is a cable/DVD hook up)? Probably the Sound of Music. I sometimes forget how much I love, love, love that movie.

Jennifer asked...

How did you all find yourselves in Colorado?

We moved here for John to co-pastor a church with a very good friend of his. Sadly, it wasn’t a good fit for our family, and about a year later, John resigned from that position and was contracted to write some Bible studies for a local publishing company. Thus began a new chapter in our lives and a new career for him.

Was it hard to move states away from your family? Absolutely. It’s still hard.

And do you have any thoughts of going back to Arkansas? Well, I love our family in Arkansas, but I LOVE Colorado too, and tell God “thank you” every day that we get to live in a place of such beauty. I hope we get to live here for a long time, but if we ever felt like God was leading us to move back to our home state, we would. If that should happen, I’d lobby hard to live in northwest Arkansas where there are mountains hills.

My sweet friend, Holly asked...

Tell us about a "famous encounter" or two or three :) The question: will you tell us?

Sure, I'll tell ya! I’ve mentioned already that I went to college with the girls in Point of Grace. And I think I’ve mentioned before that I met Beth Moore once at a Living Proof Live event in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She grew up in Arkadelphia and she invited all the ladies from churches in our little town to a special reception before the event. She was so sweet and funny and genuine. And I just about laughed my head off when she told the lady in line next to me that her son was the first boy she’d ever kissed. I’ve also met Stasi Eldredge, one of the authors of Captivating. And last spring I met Brennan Manning, an author I really love. You know, this would be a really good question to ask my husband…he’s met some really cool people in the publishing world, and a few days ago, he told Will about running into Emmett Smith one time at Baylor Hospital in Dallas.

And lastly (for tonight), Elaine wanted to know...

What are the best/worst thing(s) about having a dog?

I think the best thing about having a dog is watching my kids love him to death. I love seeing them cozied up together on the sofa or his tail waggin’ like crazy first thing in the morning.

I think the worst thing is feeling like I can’t be gone for long periods of time. I put Jack in his kennel when I leave, but the longest I’ve left him is about 4 hours.

Are you a Creative Memories consultant? Well, yes, I am. But I’m a poor one. I didn’t get the “sales” gene.


His Girl said...

Hey, this was a totally fun post to read! Thanks for sharing and for all the encouragement you always leave over at 'my place' - you have quite a knack!

Leah Belle said...

Thanks for doing this....it was fun to read. Am looking forward to more!

Stephanie Kay said...

Funny how growing up the Ozark Mountains always seemed so big. Most of my extended family lives in Benton County so I've been up 71 & 59 too many times to count. Now I've seen real mountains. = ) I still think Arkansas is the most beautiful and diverse state. Guess I'm biased. = )

Barb said...

What a great idea this is, Mer. It's a great way to get blog fodder and even better, it's a great way for people to get to know you better.

Honestly, I couldn't believe it when I read your answer to your first question. I could have written that answer about myself. Exactly the same thing. Raised Catholic but didn't really meet Jesus until I rebelled and joined a Southern Baptist church.

For me, it wasn't Fort Worth - it was Beaumont, TX, where I was born and grew up. I moved to Colorado when I was 18. I've lived a lot of places, but will never leave beautiful Colorado again.

OK. I'm off to my blog, to totally steal this great idea from you. LOL


PS - You're absolutely right - the worst thing about having a dog is leaving them alone in the house. We have to give some very serious thought to being away from home for more than a few hours and traveling has to include "pets allowed" hotels. Other than that, what's not to love about a sweet doggie!

Gretchen said...

Mer, I love your answers, and getting "to know" you this way. I am going to steal this idea, too, because it's so fun to see what people ask and how you answer. I can feel your pain and joy at moving all the way to CO from "home". HOwever, I sense that you and John make "home" very much wherever God plants you. I feel such a peace about you when I read your posts.

Lord forgive me, but I'm so jealous of the Beth Moore and Stasi Eldredge meetings! :)

I feel the same about having dogs. However, I can't imagine not having one. We waited 9 months between putting down sweet, loveable, 13 year old, confused Sara, and that about did me in. Apparently, I love smeared back (glass) doors.

Can't wait for the next installment.

Jenn said...

I loved getting to know you a little better through this Q&A. I may have to copy you at some point on my blog.

I always wondered how you got to Colorado.

One good thing about being behind on reading your blog is that I do not have to wait for the next installment. I am going there now...