Tuesday, January 08, 2008


RAOK--or random act of kindness. Have you ever been on the receiving end of one? John and I were this morning.

Today was the first day back to school for our children since Christmas. It snowed last night and the roads were nasty, and I was kinda extremely surprised they started on time this morning, but they did. John had already planned to work from home today, and I was very thankful when he told me he'd drive the kids to school because I hate driving on snowy/icy roads. Anyway, I rode with him to take the kids and we made a Starbucks run before heading home because it was 18 degrees and in my estimation a perfect morning for a piping hot latte. My friend happened to pull into the Starbucks drive-thru ahead of us and we had a very animated (yet wordless) conversation through the windows of our vehicles. I'm sure it was amusing to anyone watching us. I was really tempted to go jump in the front seat of her Suburban and chat with her while waiting in the long line of cars, but I rarely have a morning with John so I didn't. When we pulled up to pay for our drinks, the cashier said, "The lady in front of you paid for your drinks and said to tell you 'Happy New Year'."

Wasn't that nice? Maybe that's why my latte tasted better than ever.

I called her later this morning to tell her thank you. And I told her that I want to return the favor by paying it forward. So now I'm on the lookout for a way(s) that I can bless someone else with a random act of kindness.


*carrie* said...


That is so fun!

Just noticed your new reading list. I want to read AVM, too. I read Life of Pi a few years ago and really appreciated what a unique story it was.

Unknown said...

What great friends you have!

18 degrees! I get cold thinkin' about that!


Amy said...

Wow! What a great morning: SNOW, time with hubby, Starbucks...and a very thoughtful RAK! Hope the rest of your day was as good!

Holly said...

Yay! I've been praying for you to be blessed. May this be the first of many, many acts of kindness flowing to you, friend.
Love you!

Julie said...

This may be a double post because the last one didn't look like it posted.

18 degrees. Wow. It was around 70 degrees here today, go figure!

What a beautiful start to your day, a date at Starbucks with your husband AND free drinks.

Hope your day was blessed!

Kelly said...

I go to Sonic every single morning and lately I've decided that it would be fun to maybe once a week pay for the person behind me. Because I think RAOK is so neat!
Now I'm even more determined to start doing it!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Isn't that just the greatest? I've had that happen a couple of times and I try to be aware of how I can do the same for someone else.

Gretchen said...

In Marysville, WA, just a few miles up the road from me, a Starbucks reported something like 2 full days of folks paying it forward (with lattes) with NO BREAK! Can u believe that? What an inspiration. I need to think of how I can be a blessing today.

Susan said...

I bet that made you feel so good. There is something so inspiring about Starbucks:)

His Girl said...

you've inspired me... I'm tempted to do that all the time... now i shall!

plus, that's another great excuse to get me a nummy tall chai tea latte soy no whip!