Friday, January 25, 2008

This probably covers all the questions you didn't ask...

I'm still wading through all of your questions, and will try and answer some more this weekend! Jennifer tagged me for this meme, and because I've had an incredibly hard and frustrating week (and don't want to think about it any more, much less post about it), I'm going to play along and do this. Thanks for the distraction Jennifer.

Four jobs I've had:
1. snow cone maker at a Tropical Sno stand
2. church secretary
3. receptionist in college admissions office
4. mom

Four places I lived:
1. Fort Worth, TX
2. Irving, TX
3. Arkadelphia, AR
4. Colorado

Four movies I've watched over and over:
1. Anna and the King
2. The Age of Innocence
3. Little Women
4. Sense and Sensibility

Four shows I watch
1. Gilmore Girls (on dvd)
2. Lost (can't wait until next Thursday!)
3. 24
4. Brothers and Sisters

Four places I've been:
1. Boston, MA
2. San Diego, CA
3. Annapolis, MD
4. Santa Fe, NM

Four people who e-mail me regularly:
1. John
2. Jen
3. Allison
4. Sallie

Four favorite things to eat:
1. Mexican food
2. Artichokes
3. Chicken Bryan from Carrabbas
4. Penne Rosa from Noodles

Four places I'd rather be:
1. Estes Park
2. hiking
3. Garden of the Gods
4. a remote mountain cabin

Four things I look forward to this new year:
1. Hiking Pikes Peak
2. Summer!
3. Skiing
4. Meeting Trish and maybe Leahbelle this spring.

I'm tagging Dee Dee, Gretchen, Stephanie, and Kecia to play along (if you want to!).

Enjoy your weekend! Honestly, I'm so glad this week is over.


Jessica said...

A snow cone maker?? You are my hero!!! I love me some Bahama-mamma sonwcones! : )

Stephanie Kay said...

Was the college OBU? Cause I worked in admissions as a student worker.

A Carabbas opened near us this past year. We haven't tried it but now I'm thinking maybe we should.

Unknown said...

Mom, Arkadelphia, Gilmore Girls, Brothers and Sisters, Little Women, Sense and Sensibility, - I am so with you on all those things! Your question game has been so fun! Great idea!

Jenn said...

Several of your favorites make my list too! I have to ask was it fun working at the snow cone stand? I would think it would be.

Sorry you had such a yucky week. I hope that you have a relaxing weekend! :o)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for playing along! :o)

I totally forgot about Gilmore Girls. I didn't start watching till the third season so I was watching reruns with the regular shows. LOL

Unknown said...

I am sorry your week was hard! But reading your meme was fun!

Happy Weekend!

Kelly said...

I've lived in 2 out of 4 of the same places. :-) (We lived in Ft worth when my dad was in seminary)
And i can't wait for Lost to start either.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you had a bad week. I hope your weekend is a good one. I love your movie choices! Looking forward to meeting you on Wed.

Susan said...

Lost and 24, oh you are a girl after my own heart. I watched it on German TV, which is a few episodes behind and I havn't seen it in a few months, I was like whaaatttt is going on here? 24 is not longer on here. I have no idea what is going on. Yummy Carrabas!

Julie said...

You were a snow cone maker???????


I too am sorry you had a horrible week.

You should check out the book that Lyric is reading and posting about on her blog? " The book is called "The Beautiful Ache". It is really good to read what she is sharing.

Have a blessed day,

Gretchen said...

Yay on your 2008 mileage! And I love your answers. We share a fondness of many of the same foods. I'll certainly play along.

Okay...gotta go help my daughter sell some more GS cookies. :)

YoMJ said...

Love the Gilmore Girls. We had a Gilmore Girls marathon a couple of years ago. I think I won the contest. Good to write down the good things in our life. Especially when things are tough.


*carrie* said...


Hope this week is better for you!

I enjoyed reading your list. I've only seen Gilmore Girls a few times, but I find the dialogue captivating. Fun show to watch!

Anonymous said...


i admit to fast forwarding through your blog. you've been blogging a very long time :)!

i grew up in irving, tx. i lived there until 1995 and at that point moved to arlington, tx.

and i must say mexican (tex-mex really) is my favorite food and my biggest disappointment when we moved to colorado springs was that we never found any great mexican food.