Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who Gets Sunburned When It's 20 Degrees Outside?

Apparently, I do because I was at a birthday party for a friend last night and glanced in the mirror before I left to see that my cheeks and nose are a lovely shade of pink. I just don't have sunscreen on my mind when I'm going for a morning hike and it's well below freezing outside, but perhaps I should start thinking about it.

I LOVE the questions you guys sent my way yesterday in my "Your Turn" post. I'm going to try to answer some of them today. Tuesdays are my busy day and I am on the go from morning til afternoon, so it may be tonight before I get them answered....BUT oh the blog fodder I now have. Thank you! It's not too late to leave a question either. My plan is to answer each and every one.

One of the things on my to-do list today is to get my haircut! I haven't had a haircut since this. And I'm way overdue for one. I'm so ready and so excited!


Gretchen said...

I always say my kids came out of the womb with a bottle of 50 SPF sunscreen, since they were born in Denver. I'll say one nice thing about the dank, dark, misty, moisty Seattle weather: we only lube up during about 6 weeks of the year.

Have FUN at your haircut. I only go about 4x a year, so it's really a holiday of sorts for me. :) She takes about 2 hours to bring my hair back to it's "natural" color, give an amazing shampoo, and trim and style my new 'do. You'd think I would go out on those occasions, since I can never replicate them at home, but alas, it's simply time to pick up the kids when I'm through. That's all right...after spending $$$ on my hair, I don't have any left to go out anyway.

Stephanie Kay said...

I need a cut. I have a piece that is too short to tuck behind my ear but long enough to annoy the heck out of me. Enjoy your pampering time.

Jenn said...

How did the haircut turn out? I am in desperate need of a cut - it has been 5 months. I am hoping to get it done this week.