Saturday, January 10, 2009

Already feeling better...

I feel like I'm back on track after my no-spending flop this week.

I went grocery shopping today, and I did really well!

I spent $256 for two weeks worth of groceries, household items, and food for Bunco! I thought that was pretty darn good. Of course, I'll have to go back next week for fruit, veggies, milk and bread (and coffee...totally forgot to buy that today) but I still think I'll come in at less than $300 for this two-week period.

And that makes me happy! (Makes John happy too!)

I've decided that I'm going to start posting my 2-week meal plans on my recipe blog. In fact, I posted the meals I shopped for today just a little while ago. You can check my menu plan out here.

OH YEAH, I saved $28.89 in coupons! I was jazzed about that.

So many people tell me that they just don't think it's worth it to clip coupons, but let me show you that yes, it IS worth it. 

This is just a sampling of things I bought today.

Toilet paper, laundry detergent (I love Tide), Cascade, a razor for John, and body wash for Will.
I added up the regular price of these five items from my register receipt. Total: $43.66 (Ugh...not good for five items.)

Then, I added up the sale price of these items. This is the price I would have paid had I not had coupons. Total: $30.40 (better)

Next, I added up the price I paid with my coupons. I had
1.50/off Tide
1.00/off Cascade
4.00/off Fusion razor
Free body wash with purchase of Fusion razor (cost was 3.99)
.50/off Charmin
Total: $19.41

$19.41 is good, but Proctor and Gamble had a promo deal going on that if you spent $25 on participating products at this store, you got an additional $5 off at the register.

SO, my total for these 5 products (before tax) was $14.41 

That ends up being less than $3 per product.  

I'd say it pays to clip coupons wouldn't you???

I also got *free* deodorant today and paid $2.02 for a tube of mascara by combining sales and coupons.

The money I saved today made me feel a little better about the money I wasted last week!

PS--I wrote an entire post about couponing last spring. You can read it here.


Amber said...

Coupons are my best friends.

Can't figure out people who don't use them....throwing away money.

I love them!!!

Good job on shopping, too! Whew!!!

Jennifer said...

I just read your last two posts and didn't think your spending was too off. :) Especially on new black mules and the little bird for $8.

I just wrote a little post about my savings this week.......hop over to my blog to check it out. :) This is my new save on shopping!

Jacquie said...

I'm amazed at the amount of tracking you're doing. It seems that at the very least your "No-Spend Challenge" has made you more aware of your wants vs. needs.

Wow! Those coupons do make a difference!!

Brenda said...

Wow, that's really good for your family size plus your Bunco group. It's such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment being frugal especially for us SAHM's. I'm heading over to read your coupon post.
Have a wonderful week.

Mama Voss said...

Great shopping! I also plucked a few of your menu ideas for this week. Thanks.

Barb said...

Couponing is totally worth it, as you just proved. I don't spend a lot of time clipping coupons - I only do it one morning a week, when the Sunday paper comes out. And it's nothing at all to save $30 or $40 off every grocery bill, with just that much time spent clipping coupons. I look at it as free food, always a good thing. Totally worth it!

Tiffani said...

I'm a total coupon girl!!! Love love love them and they are SOOO worth it!

I'd be happy with just $200 a week but I also have smaller and one less child than you do...but right now..I spend about 80-100 a week..and then we eat at church on Wed. nights ($15) and MAYBE, not always, one other night out for cheapy $5 Little Caesar's pizza or Wendy's...

I'm glad your spending spirits are up!

Stephanie Kay said...

I used to do really well with coupons. The cheap grocery store I use doesn't take coupons. I've found that their regular prices are about the same as the supermarkets with a sale and coupon. So I don't bother. I should do more couponing for non-food items but I just don't want to put the time into it now. = ) But I love hearing about the super deals other people got!

Jackie said...

$256 is AMAZING - I am so impressed. And yes...I totally believe in taking the time to clip coupons, so long as it is for something I'm going to buy already. Nice job, Mer!

Unknown said...

OK, every single time you post about couponing I am inspired to try again!

I had been trying to do it last summer while also trying to get things ready to move. It didn't work real well.

But now we are settled and I am going to try again!

Gretchen said...

Master Jedi Meredith, the force is abundantly with you and your pocketbook. I sit at your feet, for you have much to teach me and i have much to learn.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

That's great....I don't save that much but we also use Walmart and I use alot of generic that's cheaper than using coupons.

I'm with you...have to use Tide. I tried to go cheap and use something different but the clothes weren't getting clean.

Christen said...

i'm doing this no spend thing too and it's going pretty good. i cut our cell phone bill in 1/2 by doing a pay as you go type thing since i never use mine. haven't had cable for 2 years and love it! but always looking at what we spend and if we need to be. like i love this tom's toothpaste w/o flouride but it's $5. found a recipe and going to try and make my own natural tp. we'll see. groceries today were $150 last week $85 and should be good for about 2 weeks with a quick trip next week for fresh veggies/eggs/etc. the only thing we spent unplanned was $30 for a part for our van (the lugnut or whatever broke while my hunny was changing our brake pads, so it couldn't be driven) i do coupons too, can make you crazy but i don't beat myself up, similar system as you. did the grocery game but wasn't worth it for me, don't eat a lot of those things. keep up the tips!

Rachel said...

I'm a firm believer in using coupons and in menu planning, too. It really saves so much money.

We are having a low-spending month, too, which is a good challenge. I think it is good to have those challenges once in a while to really think about where every dollar is going.

I'm with you, I think processing all the meat at once is easier, too.