Thursday, January 15, 2009

Killing two birds with one stone...

My friend, Lisa, tagged me for a meme.

Lisa is a real life friend of mine. She and her family were members of a church John pastored in Arkansas and we love them dearly. I love that she recently started blogging, but it makes me painfully homesick for the community we left behind five years ago. I miss her very much. Ditto for Amber. And Stephanie. But I digress.

Lisa's meme instructs:
1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer
2) Select the 4th picture in the folder
3) Explain the picture
4) Tag 4 people to do the same

Alrighty. It's a picture of Jack, our beagle.

He's a beautiful dog, isn't he? I think he probably needs one of the fancy dog collars that Lisa makes. 

Seeing this picture reminded me of another meme that I was tagged for by Jen

Actually, she tagged Jack to write six random things about his life as a dog in our home. Here's what he'd write if he could.

1. I love my peeps. They take good care of me and love me. Especially my mom, Mer. She even lets me sleep in her favorite chair and now my smell is all over it. I love it, but I don't think she does because she keeps spraying fabric refresher on it. It must rub off on me a little because now I smell great too.

2. I've gotten really good at scavenging for people food at my house. If my family leaves anything on the table, I know how to pull the placemat to the floor so I can gobble up any leftovers. Our babysitter didn't know that about me and walked away from her pizza the last time she was here. I had two whole pieces. Pizza....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

3. Peanut butter treats from Trader Joe's are my absolute favorite. I got some for Christmas.
(Poor Jack is going to be so sad when our supply runs out.) 

4. I love it when my mom loads the dishwasher. No matter where I am in the house, when I hear the door to that fascinating appliance open, I will head that way instantly. I especially love it when my mom doesn't rinse things off well and I get to (literally) lick the spoon. I don't think my mom loves it though. She gets kinda grumpy when I stand on the open dishwasher door.

5. My dad (John) is my most favorite person in my house. I hear the garage open every night when he comes home from work and I go C-R-A-Z-Y. I run to the back door and whine until I see his handsome face. He loves me and I know it.

6. I love it when my family walks me. They're slacking in that department these days...I think because it's so cold and snowy here...but a dog needs to be walked. Peeps, are you listening???

For both of these memes, I'm supposed to tag people. I don't love doing that so I'm just going to let you play along if you choose. Happy Thursday!


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

I miss you too!!!!

Tiffani said...

I love this!!! Jack is quite the handsome Beagle!!

And, Jack, my Sugar baby does the SAME thing on the glad to know she's not the only one and YES, she stands ON the door too!

His Girl said...

I tell you, Jack the Beagle & Sydney Bristow would be bff (the b for beagle) for sure! Also, I'm sure that Syd could talk me into sending Jack a fresh supply of treats when he runs out.... although going to TJ would be a SACRIFICE!

Gretchen said...

yeah, we have TJs here, too, so I'm sure if Jack stops licking the dishes in the dishwasher, he'd be good for a box...

My dogs are dishwasher dreggers, too. You know, we could look at it as them earning their keep a bit. :) I know...eeeeww!

Murphy thinks he's a beagle. But, alas, he's an old, altered, semi-toothless dachshund.

Amber said...

I miss you, too!!

Jack is such a BEAUTIFUL dog. could you ever get mad at that face?!?!

Fran said...

That is way too cute. Maybe I'll pull that out this weekend. And, what is it about the dishwasher??
Hilarious but true across the board!

Love ya,

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Okay, so we don't have a dog. But we did keep my parents' lab for a year.

And we just very recently started tossing the idea around of getting a lab puppy.


Monica said...

Your Jack looks like my Bigsbe. What is it with dogs and dishwashers? He would be our complete one stop dishwasher if he could.