Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Day!!!!!!!!

I woke up this morning, stumbled into the kitchen for my morning coffee, kissed John good morning, and looked outside.

It was snowing, and it was snowing hard. 

How interesting. I checked the forecast yesterday and there wasn't a hint of snow. 

John  and I turned on the morning news and heard the weather guy say 6-8 inches in our area of wind-driven snow (a mess) and rapidly deteriorating road conditions.

I gotta tell you that I've lived in Colorado for over 5 years now, but I HATE driving in this kind of weather. Call me a wimp, I don't care. I'll own it.

I took Will and his friend to a sleepover Friday afternoon. It was snowing really hard and the roads were icy. I slid the whole way there and back, and I was really shaken. After that, we went to pick Sarah's friend up for a sleepover at our house, and believe me, if I thought that cancelling wouldn't have broken my little girl's heart, I would have done so in a heartbeat, because the roads were treacherous.

I think both of those driving incidents spooked me because I decided this morning that my kids were staying home. 

I have issues with our superintendent and his (lack of) judgment in calling snow days. So I called this one on my own.

I told the girls and they were thrilled. Will wasn't. He wanted to go to school. He told John the other day on the way there that he was really popular so I'm guessing he needed his social fix.I understand that completely. Thankfully John took him this morning and he has a ride home this afternoon so I don't have to get out in this mess.

The girls and I just finished up some french toast (used up the leftover french bread from last night!) and we're going to stay in our pjs and watch Pride and Predjudice later (they love it). We may even make some cookies. The day is wide open!

*UPDATE: After I decided the girls weren't going, our district called a 2-hour delay...and 2 hours later they upgraded the delay to a CLOSURE. John made it to work 1 hour and 25 minutes after leaving home. He affirmed my decision to keep the girls home. I think I want to be a consultant for our superintendent.


Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVE snow days, and watch P&P is the perfect way to spend it. Have a fantastic time being all snuggly with the girls in your pj's, and say "hello" to Mr. Darcy for me.

Holly said...

It took Chris 1 hr and 15 minutes to get to work this morning. The kids are still wondering about school. I haven't been able to make the call, yet. I'm giving it about 45 minutes...but yeah, I think it should be a snow day!

I am glad for your good judgement for keeping the girls home--enjoy your day together, friend!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your snow day! Wished it snowed more here! :)

Quick question: I've been on your recipe blog and I thought the pulled pork sandwiches sounded great. I've never bought pork before? What type cut of pork do you buy? How much? What is it called exactly - beside pork? Sorry I'm a novice cooker!

Also I don't have a crock pot. Is there a certain type or brand or size I should buy? What do you recommend!

If you ever have time could you do a post on kitchen appliances and brands are the best for mixers, blenders, crock pots, etc.! Which appliances do you use the most! Thanks!

Sorry, for the questions!

~ Ali

Holly said...

No school!! You really should be a consultant for our superintendent. Well done!

Amber said...

If it wasn't for the scary roads (and the all day drive to get to you) I would come over and join you. You sound like you are having a fabulous day....of course, I think any day spent with Mr. Darcy is a fabulous one!! Have fun!

Amber said...

If it wasn't for the scary roads (and the all day drive to get to you) I would come over and join you. You sound like you are having a fabulous day....of course, I think any day spent with Mr. Darcy is a fabulous one!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Other questions from a novice beginning cook) who has been married for almost 8 years (far too long to be where I am). But, I am praying since your last post for God to grow me in this area!

Can I get your chicken spaghetti recipe!?! I've never made it before!

Also, can you explain where you found your coupons? I have never used coupons. I always thought coupons would be for items that I wouldn't want or need. But, I love Tide so I guess there are good coupons! Any more tips you can offer on saving with coupons?

Thanks so much for these posts! There really should be a class offered at my church to teach Mom's these things! I've kind of just winged it since we've had the kids (5 and 2) but, it is expensive and time consuming to eat out a lot and not healthy to eat frozen pizzas and ramen noodles, or PBJ's other nights. I need all the tips you can spare! This is totally a God thing that you are posting on these subjects! I really want to get better at my job as a wife and mommy!

~ Ali

Becky said...

A snowy day at home in pj's with hot cocoa and P&P sounds like heaven! I know you didn't say anything about hot cocoa but it is essential in my version of happiness.

I had a date w/Mr. Darcy Friday while scrapbooking.

Natalie Witcher said...

I'm praying for just a flurry day!!!

Gina said...

Good call weather girl.
We have had a bunch of weather related closures. Most recently for flooding.
We are up to 5 missed days.
I don't like snow days because there is bedlam when we have a breakdown in routine.

Megan L Hutchings said...

First let me say that I think you have done fabulously with your budget. I know you may not feel like it, but I am impressed :).

I am also glad that you and the girls had a nice snow day. It made me smile that your son wanted his social fix ;).

Gretchen said...

I never got used to driving in it, either. Or used to the folks who thought it was cool to go really fast on ice and pass me. Whatever. Glad you're cozy in your nest.

*carrie* said...

Similar story here today, Mer--delays turned to closures. The campus even postponed the start of the semester by a day, which is a BIG deal!

I hate driving in this weather, too, and am thankful to be safe at home!

Meredith said...

I guess Mother Knows Best? :) I love your plans for pj's, movies and cookies.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

So my mom calls today, telling me how unbelievably scary it was getting the girls to the denver airport so they could come back to school today. They saw TONS of accidents and were nearly hit about 3 times. Thank goodness my dad is a pilot and can navigate!

They got there safe, Denver had blue skies (what in the world!), and the girls already landed in Nashville and I think they are going to stop in tonight - FUN. I've missed them. Glad they didn't get in a wreck trying to get back!!

And I KNOW you loved your snow day! lol

Michele said...

Good call Mer! I know your girls loved you for it. I don't blame you. I wouldn't like driving in snow either. What a great excuse to have a girls' day and to top it off with french toast and P&P makes it even better!

Betsy said...

No fair!! Can you please send some of that snow our way??? I would LOVE a snow day! You need to at least post pictures so I can imagine how fun it is!

Stephanie Kay said...

He's popular, huh? See, he doesn't need the cell phone for his social life. He's doing just fine without one. = ) We had snow yesterday and canceled church. Made for a much less stressful day.

JJ Kimmel said...

Smart move. There was nooo way I was going out in this crap. I brought up (again) my extreme distaste for the cold to Kris and he's all yeah, I tell me everyday. From October to May. Maybe I should invest in those warm socks you love from REI. Hmmm.

Hope you guys enjoyed your day in!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

I agree with you, we've lived here over 8 years and I HATE to drive in the snow and avoid it at all costs. I also agree that it seems they rarely call snow days, even though I homeschool, Ashley goes to the school on Fridays and I just pray every Thursday night it won't snow!

His Girl said...

i've never in my life stayed home on account of snow. it sounds rather cozy and exciting to me...

good call, momma!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

It snowed about four inches here today. I got into an accident driving Connor and his friend home from preschool. No one was injured, but my car is toast and I'm SERIOUSLY annoyed still.

I should have declared it a snow day.

Nina Diane said...

when my kids were younger and in school, I used to declare my own snow days too! I'm a mom....I can do that......

Tiffani said...

hmmm, Snow Days??? Could you explain a bit further? I'm not sure I know what those are??? heehee almost 60*, slight breeze and very sunny!

My kids would FLIP over that much snow...we all about CRIED last year at the "beauty" of less than an inch...a white dusting, really that covered the ground! But, it's all in what ya know, I guess!

Girl, do you know how many people I think should "hire" me as help for various reasons???!! So, I am with ya on that one and good for you for taking charge!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

It always pays to "trust your gut." :)

Even though I don't miss the cold weather, I do miss having the occassional "snow day." Nothing is quite as cozy as hunkering down with the kids in pjs and watching a movie. How fun!