Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thinking out loud...

I have exactly 20 minutes before leaving for my Brownie meeting...


Just enough time to do some thinking out loud.


I never thought I'd hear myself say that I long for humidity, but I do. It is so dry here. My hands are cracking (despite lotion) and my hair is so brittle. Just a little moisture would be nice.

And speaking of weather, it's been BEAUTIFUL here since Friday with highs in the 60s. Very unseasonal, but I'm NOT complaining.

Lots of my southern Facebook/Twitter friends have been talking about the snow they have today, and here I am contemplating capris. It's nice to flip weather patterns for a change.

Anyone ever "unfriended" a friend on Facebook? I'm ready to drop a few of mine because the status updates are just too much. (Who's worried I'm talking about them? *wink*)(Don't worry because the ones I'm talking about probably don't read my blog). 

My house smells delicious right now because I have this in the crockpot.

Did the Obama girls steal the show this morning or what? Those two are adorable. Should be fun to watch the for them next four years.

My son will be twelve in 3 short weeks. How did that happen???

He's a great kid. John and I are so proud of him for jumping into the middle school youth group at our church. He *loves* it, and has made some fun new friends.

I'm having a really hard time getting back into a routine since Christmas break. 

I think it's because we haven't had a full week since we started back. We've missed the last three Mondays...for a teacher workday, snow, and MLK day. I could get really used to 4 day weeks.

Then again, I really don't like starting my week on Tuesdays. It throws me (way) off.

Anyone (local only) need Girl Scout cookies? We're pitifully behind on sales this year. I find it hard to push a first grader to sell, sell, sell. (So I don't).

I hope to have some time to read tonight. Translate: I hope the kids have minimal homework. I only have a few more pages in Drowning Ruth and it's getting very suspenseful.

Speaking of reading...Sarah got the first three Nancy Drew books for Christmas and she devoured them. I was SO happy she finally got into them (been trying forEVER to get her interested in Nancy Drew). She loved them just as I knew she would. They were my favorites growing up and I read them over and over and over. She wants to read them in order and she's on the wait list for #4.

I was reading some old posts on John's blog this afternoon. I know I'm a bit partial, but I think he's a brilliant writer. Anyway, I loved this post. SO true.

I probably need to go...the Brownies call! (And I'm not talking about chocolate either...you know I can't stand the stuff, right?)

Happy Tuesday.


Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Love your ()'s.


And jealous of your weather just a teensy bit.

Amber said...

I've unfriended some people on FaceBook...their statuses were just too raunchy or full of bad language. Yuck.

Jennifer said...

I've never unfriended anyone yet. Luckily I've not had problems to this point. :)

The sandwiches sound yummy! I think that is on the menu for next week! I have to get back to writing a menu pronto. I was off this week and I was way off of schedule. :(

Thanks for sharing!

Scrapper Mom said...

I hope it's not me you want to "unfriend" due to status referring to my addiction to that sleezy show called "the bachelor". lol. It calls my name!! haha.

I loved your thoughts....and funny. We are headed out the door to Girl Scouts AND selling cookies. AND way behind. haha. More alike than we knew, huh?

Judy said...

Yep, I have unfriended people on Facebook. You can also regulate to a degree how much you hear from a specific person. On the news feed page put your cursor on the right side of the person's status and it will says "Options" and give you the option of hearing more or less form that person. Don't know if that will help or not. Or maybe you already knew that...

Melissa Stover said...

just got back from our girl scout meeting. we just got through selling cookies too.

i read drowning ruth ages ago and i liked it. can't remember it though.

His Doorkeeper said...

Meredith, just a quick note to thank you for your prayers and concern for our Kelly and Harper! We appreciate you all very much! PLEASE keep praying!

Blessings to you! Kelly's Mom , Judy

Lauren said...

Again, love your blog and looking forward to keeping up with it.... Send some mint cookies my way, haha!!! :)

Dee Dee said...

I have to confess that I have unfriended someone I found "creepy." I've never seen inappropriate status updates...you've raised my curiosity!!

Lisa said...

You got alot in before Brownies! This is sad, but our former pastor's wife unfriended me on Facebook. I did NOT do or say anything bad. She got mad because the Lord released us from the church. Serious.
And I am freezing here in Ga. We had snow yesterday and today. Burrr

Lisa Q

Cathy said...

I'm new to your blog (found you in a really round about way, this blogging world is crazy sometimes!), but really like it! You write well and I enjoy checking it out. I printed out that recipe to try sometime very soon! It sounds way yummy.

Trish said...

i love your random thoughts! they make me feel so normal.

i'm not sure how that fb defriending works but I recently had two friends requests from prople that very obviously went to my high school and I have NO recollection of either of them. is that bad?

your pulled pork sandwiches are in our two week menu plan! We are excited to try them!

Puva said...

I have never unfriended anyone on Facebook so far. Oh, please don't unfriend me! =)

Melissa said...

I've unfriended a couple of people...one because I didn't really know her anyway, and the other because her notes were full of bad language & I was tired of the rants.

I'm trying to get my girl into Nancy Drew, too. Maybe if I start reading them with her...

And we've had so much time out of school, I just can't get back into the routine. I'm hoping to start next week after teacher workdays.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I unfriended someone whose content was rated "R." They haven't noticed.

If there's nothing obscene but just too much the other option is to mouse over their status update and under "options" tell it to "show less" of this person.

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

I have kept up with your blogs when I've had computer time...just haven't had lots of time to leave comments. Thanks so much for your prayers. I so appreciate you for remembering us!

His Girl said...

I loooove these types of posts... just a peek into your heart and mind... so fun.

My girls are Nancy Drew junkies. I find the yellow books laying all over the house like beer cans in a frat house.

Tiffani said...

I love just off the cuff posts like this!!

YES, those girls were adorable and I loved what I heard the Bush girls said to them "make the White House home...slide down the banisters...and don't believe anything you read or hear about your Daddy..he's YOUR Daddy and loves you!" I got teary for sure!

YES, I have blocked (that's the only way I could figure that you could get "rid" of someone) and it removes you from their friends and unless you "unblock" them...they cannot even find you to befriend you again...

I am actually going to pick up Nancy Drew again myself!! I love children's literature of ANY kind..picture and chapter books..and my sister had the whole series and wouldn't let me TOUCH them! ;)

I am fired up for my THIN MINTS and I would soo buy them from Abbey if were closer...I remembered the little girl at our church no longer comes!! I guess I'll wait until they're selling them outside Wal-Mart!

I know you're partial but I love John's writing too...I love his honesty, his humor and his heart (I didn't intend for all of those to be "h"'s--that's like a southern baptist preacher's sermon!) You are rightfully proud!!

Gretchen said...

Lurve Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, but my faves in that genre were the books about Cherry Ames, Student Nurse. Terribly out of date, but fun all the same.

Read Drowning Ruth several years ago. I think I thought it was very well written, but didn't "enjoy" it. Amazing writing, though.

Wish we lived close enough for me to buy some thin mints and samoas and do si dos. I led Daisies and Brownies, and i never was much a of a "pusher", either. Especially for site sales. I think I put those off as long as I could.

You can keep your fine weather details to yourself, thank you very much.

Re: John's writing. Duh. ;) He's awesome.

And, yes, the Obama girls (all 3) stole the show for me.

Michelle@Life with Three said...

What do you think of Drowning Ruth? I just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns (the first book I was finally able to get into after the whole Twilight thing). I LOVED it. The writing was great, the story was really eye-opening. It was a fantastic read.