Friday, January 16, 2009

For Harper

My sweet friend, Kelly, and her family need your urgent prayers. Kelly gave birth to Harper today. Harper is the daughter that Kelly and Scott have longed for, prayed for, and waited on the Lord for...and Harper's condition right now is very serious. Please, please lift this family up in prayer. They trusted God to bring Harper into this world, and they're trusting Him to now sustain her. Harper's little life is completely in His (strong and mighty) hands.

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Lindsay said...

Precious, Mer. Thanks so much for sharing the need to pray for Harper along with her parents, Kelly and Scott. Have and will be in prayer for this precious family and will be keeping abreast via Kelly's blog.

I've had a loss recently. My Mom and age 94 went to be with the Lord on Dec. 27. The URL for her obit is: