Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pretty please with sugar on top...

I LOVE getting your comments on my posts, friends. I especially loved the ones you left yesterday on the meal planning post...they were all encouraging and inspiring. Thank you!

So much of the time I want to respond individually to your comments, especially if you ask me a question.

But I can't respond to your comments if you don't link your profile to your email address.

So I need a big favor from you guys.

Go into your Blogger profile (on the left side of your Blogger dashboard), click Edit Profile, and enter your email address. It's not required, so it's likely that you left it blank. As long as you check the appropriate box, it will NOT show up on your blog or be accessible to anyone. It will allow people (like me) to respond to comments. If you're sensitive to your privacy, which is very understandable, you could just create a free email account for this purpose. Or, you could do nothing and ignore this little piece of blogging info! I'm okay with that. I won't be offended if you don't all rush to your profile and enter your email address.

Personal note to Ali: I really need you to do this or to send me your email address. You've asked some great questions that I want to respond to but not in the context of a blog post and I have NO way to get in touch with you. You can email me at

And credit to Angie for that last paragraph. I "lifted" her instructions from this post which I linked to a few weeks ago and is super informative for bloggers!

*********Updated November '09*****************

The box you need to check is the first one, in the Privacy section, SHOW MY EMAIL. If you don't want your name to appear, create an email address like or something.


Michelle@Life with Three said...

I may have to borrow this idea (and credit you and Angie for it!). This is one of my biggest pet peeves -- because I do want to respond by email, but unless the box is checked, I can't. Mind if I do a similar post?

Elizabeth said...

I feel ys!

I searched and searched for the post of yours from a few weeks ago and couldn't find it. I needed to make the same point on my blog. I'm linking to this one now, ok?

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...


Stephanie Kay said...

Here's something I've learned. If you use the name/url option for leaving a message it shows your name and gives a link to your blog. And you get a link for the ranking folks. BUT you show up as "noreply" for the email. I wonder if that's what people are doing.

Gretchen said...

I checked my settings, so I'm stumped if you're still getting no-replies from me. Hmmm.

Great list.

You vacuum every day?

Still pondering this and feeling a bit in awe. For we wade thru the dog hair of a Golden and a Dachshund. But I think I'm working on boosting our immunity--because I don't vacuum every day. Not.even.close.

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